Thursday, March 24, 2011

Notan on Marble Painted Paper

I saw an excellent tutorial on how to create this art form, I simply can not remember where I stumbled upon it. Here are my results from a few sixth graders. 

I had them create a background paper using the classic 'marble painting" (where you roll marbles through some paint drops on your paper)

The students who were absent on painting day adhered their shapes to white paper and marble painted over everything. I like the results better I think.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Experimenting with color

It was so much fun to see the excitement in their faces when colors mixed.
I have been wanting to do a color wheel project with my classes. but wasn't sure which medium to use, how to exactly complete it and what it would turn out like. I have looked at many blogs and I think I just got overwhelmed. Here are my results.

Samples on the board

I told the class about the three primary colors, that other colers were created by mixing those together.

I told them we were not going to make a specific  art project today, however we were going to experiment with the watercolor pallets. They were only to use yellow, red and blue. They must use yellow first and clean their water after using a dark color.

I informed them how to properly take care of the paint trays, you will see they were all very good about it.
I had them paint 1/3 of the paper yellow, then 1/3 blue/ and finally red on the remainder.

Once they completed that they were encouraged to experiment with one color on top of another.

There were so many gasps as they saw colors change before their eyes. They were excited to tell me as if I had no idea. This is why I love teaching children.

Cursive Name Creatures

While perusing Becca's blog I landed on this great project.
 I started teaching a new group of students that I had never met before. What a great way to really get to know the names of your new students. Being in the third grade, these students were excited to write in cursive.

Very fun!

Everyone works at a different pace so I thought this would be a great project to 'start' with and easy to work on when done with other future projects.

They love the googly eyes.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

African Rock Masks

After putting together a power point presentation about African Masks and showing with pictures "How" to paint the rocks, the kids went to work.

These rocks are bigger than the size of a sixth grade hand. The students first drew around the rocks and then sketched on paper what their mask would look like. We talked about symmetry and where the eyes should be placed. We also talked about colors and how to create different designs. Once painted and dry they were sprayed with a clear sealer.

Some got it

Some did not

These are children who do not necessarily want to be at school at 5:00 pm

It is hard to keep their attention

Some just do the projects to humor me.
This is the hardest part of the job.
Does Anyone teach kids who do not want to be in art class? Any ideas????