Saturday, March 12, 2011

African Rock Masks

After putting together a power point presentation about African Masks and showing with pictures "How" to paint the rocks, the kids went to work.

These rocks are bigger than the size of a sixth grade hand. The students first drew around the rocks and then sketched on paper what their mask would look like. We talked about symmetry and where the eyes should be placed. We also talked about colors and how to create different designs. Once painted and dry they were sprayed with a clear sealer.

Some got it

Some did not

These are children who do not necessarily want to be at school at 5:00 pm

It is hard to keep their attention

Some just do the projects to humor me.
This is the hardest part of the job.
Does Anyone teach kids who do not want to be in art class? Any ideas????

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  1. I think we all do!! I just keep trying and trying and hoping eventually I can find something they like! I have the best luck with new interesting ways to use the medium that they are unfamiliar with!