Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here we go again!

I am back in my classroom for the after-school art class. It was exciting to meet my new students 2nd grade and see some returning students from last year. I ended last year with dancing cows and chickens from Deep Space Sparkle and I decided to open up this year with the very same thing, only returning students got a colorful twist.

I displayed the larger 2nd grade work in the art room window. It is fun to hear giggles and comments as every student walks by on their way to the bus.

I had third graders sketch out their cows on a coffee filter. They used a sharpie and then colored in the cow with a white crayon. (if they chose to do so).

Then we used liquid water color to saturate the coffee filter. the results were very nice. I will have them sandwich these between two pieces of black cardstock and laminate them to give a stained glass effect.
This was a fun welcome back.

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