Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blue + Yellow = FUN

I was not exactly sure what the lesson of the day was going to be with my second graders. They are such a wonderful class and easily go with my impromptu ideas.
Remembering what I had seen on a blog about green, and given the fact we are learning about color mixing, I dove in.

I wrote the word green on the board.
I searched the stacks of art prints in the room and pulled out ones with many shades of green on them.
I found a couple objects that were green and held them up in a very animated way.
Soon, the class was scurrying around the room bringing me objects of green.
Once the excitement of GREEN!! slowed I gave each student a blob of yellow and a blob of blue acrylic paint.

I asked them to find how many shades they could come up with with just these two colors. Once they had a nice variety of shades I gave them some foam stamps.
This was a fantastic afternoon. Thank you for the jumping board.

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